Injustice God Among Us Harley Quinn Jacket

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Harley Quinn Kiss This Injustice God Among Us Leather Jacket:

The presented Harley Quinn injustice jacket is a facsimile of the jacket that Harley wore in injustice: gods amongst us video-game. In the sport, Harley Quinn first appears in conjunction with joker as they prepare the nuke that Lex Luthor provided them to destroy town. When batman appears, joker orders Harley to go to the van, but whilst she refuses, he slaps her. After the death of joker, Harley then joins batman’s group. Harley then is going via her actual name, harleen. At the same time as questioning, she then encounters joker within the Gotham city and fights him as she believes him to be an imposter but later realizes that he is the joker. She then additionally takes the joker to his hideout and introduces him to his joker extended family. Whilst the regime squaddies lead by using nightwing and hawkgirl, attack the clan, Harley indicators the insurgency due to which insurgency forces arrive. While following batman’s orders to occupy the law-enforcement, Harley disobeys batman and frees joker. As they confront Lex Luthor, when joker orders Harley to defeat Lex and Harley fails, he fires her and attempts to kill her. Lex then saves her. Whilst she attempts to kill joker, Lex convinces her not to due to which Harley leaves him. To go back him the favor, Harley asks the joker extended family to stand down. In the long run, Harley portals joker back to his measurement at gunpoint. Tara strong voiced the man or woman.

Product Details:

Material: Premium Quality Faux Leather 
Lining: Polyester
Color: Red Black Golden
Closure: Zipper + Belt Original YKK's
Care: Dry-Clean only
Style: Celebrity / Harley Quinn / Cosplay

Suitable For All Seasons