Sons Of Anarchy Vest Jax Teller's Black Street Motorcycle Embroidery Patch Jacket Men

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Jax Teller's Son of Anarchy Vest:

You let it drop; you understood it may never lose its worth! Until the time you at long remaining selected to open up to your fortune and preserve onto it! Don’t be at a loss for words that ‘it’ isn’t anything besides this sons of anarchy vest, an amazing impersonation of jax teller’s fashion from the tv show Son Of Anarchy! Stylish, classier, and less steeply-priced are a part of its foremost capabilities.

Product Details:

Material: Premium Quality Cowhide Leather
Lining: Polyester
Colour: Black
Closure: Zipper Original YKK's
Care: Dry-Clean only
Style: Biker / Vintage

Suitable For All Seasons