Jason Todd Batman Arkham Knight Red & Black Hood Leather Jacket

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Batman Arkham Knight Red & Black Hood Jacket For Mens

Jason Todd Leather Jacket also called Batman Arkham Knight crimson hooded jacket is made by getting inspiration from the famous game Batman Arkham Knight in which Jason Todd (a fictional character) is noticed wearing this jacket. In case you are aggravated about having your old and shabby clothes and want some thing heroic to your closet, then this jacket is ideal for you. Leather Jacketers has designed a jacket  same as the one wore by Jason Todd by using the premium best leather and high standard internal viscose quilted lining with 35 grams of foam that makes you experience extraordinarily relaxed and at ease. The jacket is designed in an revolutionary way of having designing patches with pads on some elements of it specifically on sleeves. The stitching scheme employed in making this outfit is remarkably unique that offers it an impression of double jackets that's absolutely a black jacket with red border stitched.

Product Detail:

Material: Premium Quality Faux Leather
Lining: Polyester
Colour: White & Black
Closure: Zipper Original YKK's
Care: Dry-Clean only
Style: Batman / Jason Todd /
Suitable For All Seasons